Best Stocks to Buy in January

Best Stocks to in

RankTickerCompany NameAverage Change in JanuaryHow Many Weeks Of DataBest Month To BuyBest Month To Sell
1SMSOFSMSOF-14%273 January October
2BVILFBREVILLE GROU-12%346 January June
3DNKNDunkin' Brands Group Inc-10%313 January July
4DNBHFDNB ASA-10%524 January October
5PRLBProto Labs Inc-10%283 January July
6AVEVFAVEVA Group Plc-9%506 January October
7ELEEFElement Financial Corp-9%274 January September
9AJMPFASHMORE GROUP PL-9%454 February October
10IDXVanEck Vectors Indonesia Index ETF-9%444 January October
11ACAZFAcadian Timber Corp-8%378 January December
12BNTGFBrenntag AG-8%370 January July
13REGIRenewable Energy Group Inc-8%288 January June
14EDENiShares MSCI Denmark Capped ETF-8%287 January December
15MSMLXMatthews Asia Small Companie-8%462 January September
16CTUYCentury Next Financial Corp-8%355 January July
16DDDIX13D Activist Fund Class-8%290 January December
18NATRNature's Sunshine Products Inc-8%422 March December
19DDDAX13D Activist Fund Class-8%290 January December
20TDVFXTowle Deep Value Fun-8%290 January December
21LVMHFMoet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE-8%523 January October
22IMCVXING Midcap Value Fd-8%303 January November
23SDOGALPS Sector Dividend Dogs ETF-8%262 January December
24MFPIXMorgan Stanley Institutional F-8%291 January December
25QQQEDirexion NASDAQ-100® Equal Weighted Index Shares ETF-8%279 January December
26GPIIXGrandeur Peak International Op-8%290 January October
27GILVXGuidemark Large Cap Value Fd Insti Shs-8%290 January October
28EVSIXWfa Disciplined U.S. Core Fun-8%365 January December
28MFPHXMorgan Stanley Institutional F-8%291 January December
30SFRGFSalvatore Ferragamo SpA-8%308 January May
31ESMYXInvesco European Small Company Fund Class-8%460 January October
32MOATVanEck Vectors Morningstar Wide Moat ETF-8%274 January December
33SGSOFSGS SA-8%450 January June
34APHRXArtisan Growth Opportunities F-8%313 January July
35MFPLXMorgan Stanley Institutional F-8%291 January December
37ADAFXAlpine Dynamic Financial Servi-8%291 January December
37ACAJXAmerican Century All Cap Growt-8%304 January November
39TNHPFTechnip SA-8%519 January October
40JPFSXJpmorgan Equity Focus Fd Selec-8%313 January December
41MSHLXMorgan Stanley Institutional F-7%273 January December
44PSXPhillips 66-7%276 January December
44XARSPDR® S&P Aerospace & Defense ETF-7%304 January December
46HSSIXEmerald Banking and Finance Fd Inst Cl-7%279 January December
47KBWBPowerShares KBW Bank Portfolio ETF-7%299 January December
48ACAQXAmerican Century All Cap Growt-7%304 January November
49BIAWXBrown Advisory Winslow Sustain-7%265 January December
50GPGIXGrandeur Peak Global Opportuni-7%290 January November
50SSNFSUNSHINE FINL IN-7%329 January December
52QUSIXQuantitative Foreign Value Small Cap Fund Inst-7%447 January November
52FDUSFidus Investment Corporation-7%318 January December
54ITOCFITOCHU Corp-7%523 January October
56ACAWXAmerican Century All Cap Growt-7%304 January November
57SRFIXMfs Sector Rotational Fund Cla-7%290 January December
58CLWFXColumbia Large Cap Growth Fun-7%333 January December
58PARAPREMARA FINANCIA-7%330 February September
60VNSYXVaughan Nelson Select Fd Cl-7%265 January December
60THPMXThompson Midcap Fund-7%447 January November
62BAWAXBrown Advisory Winslow Sustain-7%265 January December
62BCSSXBrown Capital Management Smal-7%293 January November
64WIFIBoingo Wireless Inc-7%325 February May
65MITTAG Mortgage Investment Trust-7%317 January December
66BWLYXAmerican Beacon Bridgeway Larg-7%285 January December
66PXLGPowerShares Russell Top 200 Pure Growth Portfolio ETF-7%319 January December
68PBCKXPrincipal Funds Inc Blue Chi-7%267 January December
69CLRUXColumbia Large Cap Growth Fun-7%333 January December
70AUENXAqr U.S. Defensive Equity Fd C-7%263 January November
70JPFCXJpmorgan Equity Focus Fd Cl-7%313 January December
72VNSAXVaughan Nelson Select Fd Cl-7%265 January December
72MSCFXMairs And Power Small Cap F-7%311 January December
72WEINWEST END INDIAN-7%289 January December
72FCGYFVERESEN IN-7%523 February June
72MBPIXMorgan Stanley Institutional F-7%291 January December
77OMSIXOppenheimer Main Street Fund C-7%291 January December
78AMIGFAdmiral Group Plc-7%550 January July
79ACAHXAmerican Century All Cap Growt-7%304 January November
80MLDIXMorgan Stanley Insti Fd Globa-7%343 January December
80BWLIXAmerican Beacon Bridgeway Large Cap-7%285 January December
82AKRIXAkre Focus - Institutiona-7%394 January December
83EAASXEaton Vance Atlanta Capital Smid-Cap Fund Clas-7%290 January November
84JLGIXJag Large Cap Growth Fd Cl-7%292 January December
85SSEIXSSEIX-7%276 January November
85DGGIXDelaware Focus Global Growth Fund Class-7%447 January November
85TINFXThornburg International Growth Class R-7%495 January September
88JMGFXJpmorgan Mid Cap Growth Fund R-7%299 January November
88HGKGFPower Assets Holdings Ltd-7%523 January September
88APHLXArtisan Value Fd Insti Sh-7%313 January November
88CCRFXColumbia Contrarian Core Fund-7%333 January December
88BWLAXAmerican Beacon Bridgeway Larg-7%285 January December
93IEGIXIEGIX-7%613 January September
93FOCWXSunamerica Focused Alpha Growt-7%287 January November
93RGGKXRs Global Growth Fd Cl-7%290 January November
96AKREXAkre Focus - Retai-7%394 January December
96TTFSAdvisorShares Wilshire Buyback ETF-7%303 January December
96DGGAXDelaware Focus Global Growth Fund Class-7%447 January November
99SMCFXSmallcap World Fund Inc. Class F-2 Shs-7%447 January December
99JVMSXJohn Hancock Funds III Discipl-7%282 January December
Some would argue that when choosing between two stocks with a similar rank, you should choose the one with more weeks of data. (Please consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.)